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We are conveniently located in West Allis, WI
How much does a Car Alignment Cost?
The cost of an alignment must vary from $50 to $75 while considering some factors. Not nearly as much as repairs needed when proper wheel alignment isn't maintained. Tires, brakes are a few of the parts that get additional strain when the car alignment is off.
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Why Car Air Conditioner Not Cooling?
As per the Expert Mechanic's Advises, "In some cases, it may be slowing down due to damage to the refrigerant circuit and it has been watered down enough that has its lost effectiveness". 
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How Much Do Tire Rotations Cost?
The cost of tire rotation must vary between $20 to $50, which largely depends on the tire shop providing tire service including free tire rotation to all of their new/existing customers. It also depends on a number of miles put a vehicle. 
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How Much Does It Cost To Service A Car?
The average cost to service a car is around $160. But, you will probably be able to get it less expensive than this if you visit your preferred car shop. Try to set aside a little bit each month in your budget so that is not caught by any emergency auto repairs. 
How Much Does Brake Repair Cost?
Many people worry about brake repair cost. But rather than cost, safety is more important. It is better to put out a few dollars to ensure your vehicle is running safely as possible. Usually, The cost of brake repair must vary from shop to shop, as it usually ranges from $300 to $800 depending on several factors.
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How Many Miles Do Shocks Last?
You can expect your car struts and shocks to last about 4 to 5 years. If your car has been subjected to excessive use, then time frame would be shortened. It is a good idea to have your mechanic inspect & replace your car struts and shocks every 40000 to 50000 miles. It helps you to avoid the major damage and fluid leaking issues in your vehicle. 
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When Should You Get a Tune Up for Your Car?
Many older cars with non-electronic ignition should be tuned up every 10000 – 12000 miles or once in a year. But, nowadays, modern cars with electronic ignition could be scheduled from 25000 miles to as many as 100,000 miles without needing a most significant car tune up service. Taking care of regular car tune-up intervals helps you to keep your car strong on the road.
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How To Get Your Car Ready For Winter?
Winter is a challenging time of year for all the drivers because dangerous driving conditions and cold temperatures can make it harder to keep your car running smoothly. Your vehicle needs little special care by following some tips to get your car ready for winter harsh roads.
How Often Should You Get Your Tires Rotated?
Nearly 2/3 of vehicles are not road-worthy because of overlooked tire repair. Even worse, more fatal collisions happen, especially during the winter cold months, due to missed tire inspections. Noise, vibrations, hydroplaning, and accidents – this is what could happen if you avoid regular tire service. Most mechanics recommend rotating your tires every 3000 to 5000 miles. 
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How Often Do You Have To Change Transmission Fluid?
Most expert mechanics recommended a Manual transmission fluid change between every 30k to 60k miles, while automatic transmission can vary from every 30k miles to possibly never. Don’t forget to check the fluid level between fluid change intervals. It helps to maintain the investment you have made in your vehicle.
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Why Do Tires Make a Humming Noise?
Basically, it’s time to rotate your tires for your vehicle. Taking care of regular rotation will improve traction, allowing the tread to wear more evenly, it increases the life of your tires, and prevent an urgent tire repair.
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Usually, The Answer is very simple to this question: “why do tires make a humming noise?” Basically, that it’s time to rotate your tires for your vehicle. Taking care of regular rotation will improve traction, allow tread to wear more evenly, it increases the life of your tires, and prevent an urgent tire repair.
Why Regular Car Maintenance Schedule is Important?
Regular vehicle maintenance is important for every vehicle owners to keep their vehicle working in good condition. Be sure to follow the recommended car maintenance schedule listed in your owner’s manual. It will help to prevent any unexpected car problems down the road.
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What are the Signs Of Low Tire Pressure?
If you hear any strange noises from your vehicle, you should not wait for long and take it to get inspected. But if you hear a flapping noise or may experience any steering problems or stopping distance, then it could be low tire pressure in your vehicle. Be sure to check the tire pressure every month and before a long trip to ensure your tire performance.
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We are open 6 days a week Monday thru Thursday 7am to 6pm, Friday 6am to 6pm and Saturday 8am to 1pm.
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Yes, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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Yes, we have ASE Certified Technicians on staff to work on your vehicle.
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